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10 December 2018


  • Report on All India Seminar on Applications of Imaging, Visualization, and Optimization Technologies (AIVOT-12) held during 2nd - 3rd March, 2012
  • Workshop on "Diaster Remedial Measures & Impact on Roads and Infrastructure in Himalyan Region" organized under CVDB division, IEI, Kolkata on 23 Oct., 2011 at IEI, UKSC Conference Hall.

    The Occasion is being graced by Er. G. Prabhakar, FIE, President, IEI, Kolkata, Dr. D. S. Chauhan, Vice Chancellor, UTU, Dehradun, Er. V. L. Malhotra, FIE, Vice President, IEI, Kolkata, Ms. Kavite Chaudhary, noted Film actress, Producer & Director, Er. Narendra Singh, Council Member, IEI, Er. K. P. Tripathi, Chairman, IEI, UKSC, Er. R. P. Jamloki, Immet. Past Chairman, IEI, UKSC, Er. M. K. Tayal, Hon. Secretary, and Er. S. C. Goyal, Convener of the workshop. The event is well attended by Executive Committee members of Uttarakhand State Centre, Roorkee Local Centre, Corporate members and students.

    Prof. Satyendra Mittal gave the keynote address followed by two technical session. Er. G. Prabhakar, President IEI stressed on the need of developing critical thinking and analytical skills and unity among our endevour.

    Workshop on "Potential & Development of Renewable Energy in Uttarakhand" Organized by The Institution of Engineers (India), Uttarakhand State Centre, Dehradun On Sunday 4th September, 2011 in association with the Uttarakhand Renewable Energy Development Agency (UREDA), Dehradun; M/s ADOS Electronics Private Limited, Dehrdaun; M/s S & N. Merchandisers Dehradun and Etlantis Club, Dehradun. Shri G.P. Patel, Managing Director, Uttarakhand Jal Vidut Nigam Limited (UJVNL), Dehradun was Chief Guest on this occasion and Shri A.K. Jain, Managing Director, Uttarakhand Power Corporation Limited (UPCL) and Shri G.K. Sharma, Director, Power Transmission Corporation of Uttarakhand Limited (PTCUL), Dehradun were guest of honour.

    Er. K.P. Tripathi, Chairman, IEI, Uttarakhand State Centre, Dehradun presided over the function. Er. K.P. Tripathi, Chairman, The Institution of Engineers (India) Uttarakhand State Centre, Dehradun, while welcoming the chief Guest, guest of honor, learned speakers and the participants of the workshop, highlighted the importance of renewable energy in the context of limitation of raw material for traditional power generation plants and consequently emission of gas house emission responsible for global warming and climate change. The renewable energy sources can be an alternative option provided these are commercially and technically viable. Er. Narendra Singh, Council Member, IEI was of the opinion that wind energy may not be feasible in Uttarakhand but solar energy can be. He however was of the opinion that hydropower is still very viable in the water rich state of Uttarakhand. Shri A.K. Tyagi, Chief Project Officer, Uttarakhand Renewable Energy Development Agency (UREDA), Dehradun narrated about the importance of the workshop and focused on power generation through solar energy. He said that it is green and clean source of power generation and UREDA is committed to make it popular in Uttarakhand. Shri Tyagi also informed about various subsidies offered by Government for installation of solar power system either as domestic use or for the organization.

    Shri A.K. Jain, Managing Director (UPCL) and Shri G.K. Sharma, Director, Power Transmission Corporation of Uttarakhand Limited, Dehradun also addressed on need of renewable energy. Shri G.P. Patel, Managing Director, Uttarakhand Jal Vidut Nigam Limited (UJVNL), the Chief Guest while addressing the participants of the workshop emphasized the need of green and clean energy sources through renewable sources. Shri Patel informed that Uttarakhand still has vast potential of hydro power which is also nearer to renewable source and does not pollute the nature. During the technical session six papers were read and discussed. Dr. Kamal Bansal, Professor, University of Petroleum and Energy studies, Dehradun; Shri J.S. Bisht, ADOS Electronics Ltd., Dehradun; Shri Sangeet Sharma, S&N Merchandiser, Dehradun; Shri A.K. Tyagi, Uttarakhand Renewable Energy Development Agency (UREDA), Dehradun; Dr. S.P. Pandey, Associate Professor, Viseswaraya group of Institute, Greater Noida and Dr. R.K. Singh, OSD, Uttarakhand Technical University, Dehradun deliberated various topics related with the subject, and gave very useful information. The issues discussed were sources of renewable energy (solar and wind), its usefulness to Uttarakhand, case studies of the various solar based system installed in Uttarakhand and nearby, cost effectiveness of solar energy and nano technology in energy.

    Shri G.P. Patel while summarizing the presentation and discussion said that cost of the renewable energy needs to be brought down so as to make it popular. The workshop was attended by 150 Engineers from all part of the country and various organizations involved in Hydro Projects and Environment Departments. Er. M.K. Tayal, Honorary Secretary, The Institution of Engineers (India), Uttarakhand State Centre, Dehradun presented vote of thanks to all guests and participants.


    Workshop on Concrete Mix Design by Ambuja Cement & Emergency Management by GVK Emergency Management & Research Institute, Dehradun on 24th May, 2011 The Institution of Engineers (India), Uttarakhand State Centre (IEI, UKSC), Dehradun organized a one day workshop on (i) Concrete Mix Design, and (ii) Emergency Management during any eventuality causing mass human injury on 24.05.2011 (Tuesday). The workshop started at 09.30 hrs and morning session taken by Engineers from Ambuja Cement mainly Shri Bhupendra Singh Sidhu and in the afternoon Dr. V. P. Mittal from GVK, EMRI talked about Emergence management. In Concrete Mix Design session basic knowledge about concrete, mixture of Cement, Aggregates & Water, construction chemicals performance, and problem at sites like leakage, dampness, poor compressive strength, cracks, workability issues, poor quality of aggregates etc. are discussed. Practical exercise is also given to participants along with reading material. During Emergency Management session situation and location which are critical to the health such as power projects, construction sites and landslide, earthquake, flood, accident prone areas are talked about. As engineers are always working under such a situation as above where they or the co-workers are likely to come across any eventuality which either may be fatal or may be injurious to them thus knowledge on health and safety is critical for an organization. Therefore, both the session of the workshop proved to be very useful for an Engineer and knowledge of these will help them to build stronger building and also securing individuals during any emergency.


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