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10 December 2018

No region can be considered to possess a robust cultural heritage if the cuisine is not up the mark. The culture of Uttarakhand has maintained a good standard of culinary system. Uttarakhandis have developed tastes for all types of vegetarian meals. Vegetables namely cabbage, spinach, green grams, peas are highly nutritious. Uttarakhandis also consume fruits like orange, manago, peach, lichis, guavas, which in the long run help them to stay healthy.The raw ingredients are mostly available at any local Indian grocery shops. Aalu ka gutke, Kaapa, Paalak Tinri ,Gaderi ke gutke are some of the specialities of the Uttarakhandis. These items are not only sumptuous but also take minimum time for cooking. To add flavors to the Uttarakhandi meals, raitas and chutneys are voluptuously savored. Khire ka raita, Nebu mooli ka raita, Daarim ki khatai , Aam ka fajitha are worth mentioning.For every festivals and special occasions , the people of Uttarakhand put lot of efforts to prepare some tasty food dishes. Singal, Pua, Maal Pua , Besan Bhadela are the delicacies of the Uttarakhand cuisine, which the people all over the world deplete in great delight.




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